IWW Sheffield’s LibFest 2015

Crikey, it’s been ages since I posted here. I’ve been busy!

At the end of this August, Sheffield IWW is hosting ‘LibFest 2015’ – a day celebrating and promoting the positive movements and action people have made, and continue to make, in response to the government cuts. ‘Austerity’ is a shitty thing to live through, and I’ve been at the sharp end of the cuts more than once. Despite that, lots of really amazing things have happened in and around Sheffield in the last few years, and the aim of LibFest is to bring together some of the numerous underground and public campaigns with a spirit of rebellion and a Do-it-Ourselves ethos. Here’s the Facebook Event page for LibFest 2015: Libfest: a festival of music, community and libertarian forms of resistance

I’ve been designing publicity for the event, and I’ll post a more detailed record of how I’ve put the poster designs together later on. For now, here is the black-&-white poster design for you to share and plug 😉 and a selection of sizes for you to download and distribute at your convenience. Enjoy 😀

2015-05-08 Poster Layout Proof 1024


A4 JPG 300dpi:

2 x A5 Flyer:

4 x A6 flyer

The A4 posters can easily be scaled to or printed at A3 with no visible loss of quality.

Colour posters & more detailed leaflets coming soon!


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